Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking Forward To Another Tomorrow...

Hello my little advocates!  It's been awhile.  I am so sorry for the delay; but, I've had to take this past week to think about me....remember what I keep telling you to do too?

At this very moment, your blogster is setting plans for forward-moving with life, work and love.  As you all know, I am a driven, ambitious blogster who wishes for all those around him to succeed at everything.  If you don't, nor have I.

What plans are you thinking about?
  1. Volunteering for Aid for AIDS of Nevada (or, if you don't live in Nevada your own AIDS charity)
  2. Going to the gym to get the negativity "worked out" of your body
  3. Sitting there, thinking about all the negatives and getting depressed
I like number 1 and number 2.  I think they are a great fit for YOU....all of YOU.  If it isn't charity for AIDS work, do it for the environment.  Do it for Japan quake victims.  Just do it.

As for the gym, it IS true that when you work out, you are happier, less stressed and more ambitious than ever.

Below I've listed a few websites you might want to look at for more ideas: 

MY new favorite (next to

Those are just a few.  If you need more ideas, let me know.  Comment.  I will respond.  Remember, becoming more involved helps dissolve anxiety issues and depression issues.

Your little blogster,


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  1. Hey Kavin! I have an information request for you... I noticed that you posted a link to Madonna's Malawi project... What's going on with that? I heard there were complications but I'm unclear on the whole thing because I don't follow the celebrity blogs (which is where they always stick stuff that relates to Madonna in any way.) If you wrote a blog post about the Malawi situation and updates, I'd be very interested to read about that... *hint, hint*