Thursday, May 19, 2011

Psst. I'm Over Here and I Have Some Answers

Greetings my lil bloggies!

I had decided to take a break so that I could do a little research into one of the charities I suggested in my last blog:

A question had popped up about some controversy surrounding the organization and I wanted to ensure I had the appropriate answer.  According to The Maravi Post, Madonna's foundation is being sued by 8 "sacked" employees after [she] realized that her school, in which Madonna donated $11,000,000 of her own funds to, would only be able to help 500 girls go forward with their education.

Madonna now states that the foundation wants to focus heavily on building schools in communities across the poverty-stricken country....not just one school for 500 girls.

MTV UK also noted in the article that the 8 "sacked" employees had allegedly used over $3,500,000 of that money for their own "good," including cars with drivers, homes, etc.

The "reasoning" behind the lawsuit against Madonna's Raising Malawi organization is that the workers claimed that they were being forced to sign a "discriminatory" form in order to receive their "terminal" or final pay.  According to sources close to Madonna, the form is a simple "confidentiality" form.  If that's the case, that is very typical of all top stars.  It is used commonly with most employees of major stars.

For now, I believe you should NOT donate to Raising Malawi UNTIL this is resolved.  However, don't lose hope on Madonna.  She is a very smart business lady.

There are plenty of charities you can find in your own towns and cities.  I have found a new charity that has created a soft spot in my heart.  Please go to the site and look around.  Make a small donation of $10 to help the organization get off the ground.  I put my money where my mouth is.  I donated to the site first.  Please donate to .

Their heart is in the right place.  They've already done a lot on their own WITHOUT donations.  So, its time to start helping them.  I implore you to visit the site.

Until AFTER my expected fabulous weekend of Kylie and Kevin (Tiny Bubbles, Jean Nate), I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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